Helping tech companies communicate natively in Russian via marketing


We localize and write a variety of business texts in Russian.

  • Landing pages
  • UI strings for apps
  • App store descriptions
  • Blog articles
  • Social media posts
  • Explainer videos
  • Marketing collateral
  • Email-campaigns
  • Online ads


We are as native to Russia as we are to localization, marketing and copywriting.

  • Adept at clear-cut and effective writing;
  • Tech-savvy to the point of actual coding;
  • Share over 15 years of experience in the field.

Why choose us over traditional translators? There is nothing more expert than native knowledge, especially in regards to localization, tech and marketing.


Things get localized

Not just translated. Meaning, that in the end they come across as native and relatable to the Russian market.

Every project is special

We treat each case individually and have a given product in mind. Call it a boutique approach, if you will.

Crystal clear pricing

Before we kick off, we quote each project in detail: estimate the time, mind iterations and propose the budget. No hidden fees or word-count complications.

Avoid wasting time

First, we make sure the task is clear. Second, we get down to work. And finally, we provide the finished product. Instead of chatting, or meeting just to meet, we prefer to get it done.


We love startups and look forward to helping new ventures get their message across. We’ve launched some ourselves, so we know the game.

Keep it plain and simple

It’s PlainMSG, after all. Our speciality is in clear, succinct texts that cut straight to the point and can increase any conversion rate. This is how we write, and this is how we work.



Make your project a success in the Russian market.