Helping tech companies communicate natively in Russian via marketing*

*Yet we are not a translation agency. We are linguists, marketers and copywriters committed to making foreign products sound native in russian-speaking markets.

What's wrong with localization?

Most of the russian translations you see are inferior. Sadly, too many translators lack the qualifications and willingness to do anything but direct translation. Not to mention the common mistakes, typos, poor style, and strings that do not fit into UI.

Localization affects UX, conversion rates and sales. When it fails, so does everything else.
  • Localized apps are less usable and marketable.
  • Translated marketing messages sound lame.
  • Companies waste budgets on promotion.
  • Users are frustrated, sales are lost.

We are here to fix it.

What we do differently

Product localization

UI looks 100% native and feels as good as the original.

Transcreation of marketing messages

In a way that a top-notch russian copywriter would create a landing page text or description copy for an app. To generate clicks, downloads and sales.

Content marketing

We write and localize blog articles, social media posts and any other necessary piece of writing that you require.

Review of existing translations

We optimise your copy, ensure that it fits with the design, sounds native, and mirror your tone of voice in accordance with the UX and marketing activities.

Local marketing campaigns

Keyword research for ASO and SEO. Facebook, VK, Google Ads, Yandex.Direct. Scripts for influencer marketing.

Communication strategy

We will recommend an approach that will match and help you achieve your goals in Russian-speaking countries. You may not want to spend budgets on Facebook for example, but could influencer marketing be a way to go? Let's discuss the options.

Language management & QA

For long-term projects we will manage, test and ensure top quality for the the russian version of your product.

Need anything else?

Let's talk. Contact us for a free quote.

Why us?

We are as native to Russia as we are to localization, marketing and copywriting.

Holistic approach.
We connect all the dots with UX design, marketing and copywriting — not only translation.

100% nativity.
We craft written communication that feels native and natural in Russian.

Clear-cut, concise and effective writing.
We treat words and writing with the same respect that copywriters do.

Expertise built on experience.
We've worked with global Tech companies from Russia, Europe and US. See our clients.

Our clients


Is localization different from translation?

Absolutely. Localization aims to make a product / copy sound as natural as it does in the original language. This is far trickier than translation and requires significant skills in copywriting, marketing, UX design and, of course, in translation.

In what way is PlainMSG different from any other translation agency?

In that we are not simply “a translation agency”. We care about localization, tone of voice, copywriting and marketability. Translation is just one aspect of what we do.

Translators on Upwork charge as little as $0.03 per word. Why PlainMSG?

Because high-quality work is rated above the market, whatever the field. Sadly, too many translators lack proper qualification and the willingness to provide anything more than a direct translation. That’s not to mention the mistakes, typos, poor style, and strings not fitting with your design. Hence the low rate. We treat written communication professionally, and charge accordingly.

My product is already localized. Can you review and improve it?

Most likely yes. Send us the link to your product, and we’ll see.

What if I don’t like the texts you produce?

Then it will be to our great surprise! Anyways, we always welcome feedback and will of course be willing to improve the texts accordingly. The scope of included edits is set when we negotiate the initial project.

I need some copywriting. Do you write from scratch?

With pleasure. We are as passionate about copywriting as we are about translation.

Where are you located?

Our office is situated in Prague, Czech Republic. Our team is distributed across EU, Russia and Japan.

Can you help with marketing too?

Yes, depending on what you need. We work chiefly with marketing communication and can consult you on a better strategy in Russia as well.

What is “good” localization?

The one that you never noticed.

What languages do you work with?

English, Japanese, Russian… and counting.

Do you work with all sorts of products?

Not really. We’ll pass on anything we can’t relate with such as gambling sites or online trading.

Make your project a success in the Russian market